Sen. Mike Enzi

U.S. Senator from Wyoming

U.S. Senator Mike Enzi is Wyoming's 20th U.S. Senator and known for listening to different points of view, studying the facts, the testimony and actually reading the bills. He believes in the Constitution and a balanced budget.

Senator Enzi serves as one of only two accountants in the Senate and as such he is always keeping his colleagues honest when looking at financial implications of legislation. As a former mayor, shoe store owner and state legislator, he knows what kind of effect federal policies can have on communities, small businesses and states.

He puts a premium on working legislation in a truly bipartisan manner. He believes the answer to the problem of Washington gridlock is for legislators to stop deal making and start legislating again through regular committee order.

Senator Enzi is devoted to Wyoming and our country. He’s a grandfather now and he wants his and America’s grandchildren to be able to enjoy our state and our country the way he has, with the kinds of opportunities that he’s been given.

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