Sequoia T. Gillyard

A poet, best-selling author, and writing workshop facilitator who empowers sexually abused/assaulted women.

Sequoia Gillyard, The Word Worshiper, is Editor-in-chief of Rejoicing Hope Magazine. She is also a writer for the Huffington Post. She reaches straight into the souls of every audience through powerful spoken and written words, uplifting them to imagine and experience new levels of greatness. A poet, speaker, actress, and the author of Pillars of Hope, Sequoia is known for her ability to help women who are lost, hurting, and suffering in silence. She empowers women to identify opportunities for personal growth and then, using the written and spoken word, she guides them through her unique process to create their transformational journey to empowerment. Sequoia’s style is warm, authentic and transparent. She firmly believes that lives can be changed and even saved through positive words that speak life.