Seth Ferranti

Filmmaker/Writer/Comic Creator

While serving an LSD kingpin conviction, Seth Ferranti started a successful writing career and earned a Masters degree from California State University. His raw portrayals of the New York crack era gangsters gained the attention of Don Diva and VICE, who he began writing for. From prison he established Gorilla Convict, a true-crime publisher with books like Street Legends and Supreme Team. Seth built a writing and journalism career after landing on the US Marshals Top-15 Most Wanted list. His incredible story has been covered by The Washington Post, The Washington Times, and Rolling Stone. Since his release he has worked hard to launch GR1ND Studios, where true crime and comics clash. GR1ND Studios is bringing variety to the comic shelf by way of the American underground. These groundbreaking graphic novels tell the true story of prohibition-era mobsters, inner-city drug lords, and suburban drug dealers. Penned by true-crime historians and urban fiction authors, the works are raw and authentic. Seth is also doing short films, Easter Bunny Assassin ( and documentaries, White Boy (!white-boy-rick/d2qyo). Expect to see a lot from in in the next couple of years. GR1ND also premiered its comics line in 2016 with Supreme Team and Confessions of a College Kingpin created by Seth Ferranti, Verdict created by the imprisoned urban fiction writer Kwame Teague and Lucky by mob historian Christian Cipollini  Check out this video that talks about what Seth and GR1ND are doing. (