Seth Kaper-Dale

Pastor, critic of abuses of power, advocate for the poor, disciple who believes transform all things on earth is the purpose of the gospel.

Seth Kaper-Dale is Pastor at the Reformed Church of Highland Park, with his co-pastor wife Stephanie. Seth is author of A Voice for Justice and has been outspoken on immigration reform, detention reform, torture by the CIA, solitary confinement as torture, affordable housing, re-entry, LGBT rights and refugee protection and resettlement. <br /> <br /> He leads a housing corporation that houses homeless veterans, refugees, asylum seekers, youth aging out of foster care, formerly incarcerated students, justice-involved youth and chronically homeless adults. He is a central part of efforts that deal with re-entry, hurricane sandy relief, low-income mental health service and torture. He is a member of the board of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture. Seth has most recently coordinated the formation of the Central New Jersey Interfaith Coalition for Refugee Resettlement.<br /> <br /> <br /> Seth credits being part of an active church--the Reformed Church of Highland Park--for his engagement in efforts to make the last, first, and to shake the powerful to 'wake up' while they sit in their thrones.