"Seth Eliot" Santoro

HR Expert, Speaker, Intuitive Medium, Self-Help Author, Coach, Healing Expert, and Death Expert

A psychic medium, speaker, author, HR expert, and bereavement expert, Seth’s vision is to Inspire the World, One by One, to Smile From The Inside. He has a great deal to say, the basis of which is Know who you are, Embrace who you are, and Be who you are - no matter what the circumstance or what your past – and you can heal from anything. By the time he was thirty-two years old, Seth has already cheated death three times, narrowly escaped two kidnappings, and lost five good friends within a very brief period of time. Being ill-prepared for these events, he searched everywhere to find a resource that would help him, to no avail. So, instead, he developed the S.M.I.L.E. method for healing and wrote the first book in a series, “How I Learned To Smile From The Inside,” a book on healing and overcoming trauma. He thought if these concepts could work for him, then they might just work for someone else. Over the past few years, Seth has been developing his psychic mediumship. It has been the most rewarding work he has ever done. He believes this gift is a major part of his divine purpose here on Earth. Every day is a brand new adventure. Whether it’s a drive-by reading or a sit down one-on-one, he is honored, blessed, and ready to take this journey with all his might and soul. An HR Leader during the day, a medium by night, Seth is currently working on two more books about Grief and Mediumship, where one ends and the other begins. Additionally, Seth has been facilitating bereavement workshops for the American Widow Project. Seth carries within him a unique charisma. He is a New England/NYC bred gay boy with a hell of a lot to say, an incredible amount of passion, and an amazing gift. Seth is now available for speaking engagements for topics such as "Intuitive Leadership," "How to Heal from Anything," and "There Are No Rules in Bereavement!" Lastly, Seth is aspiring to become The Death Expert, as he explores death in workshops/speakings from all sides.