Seth Swirsky

Multi-award, winning songwriter, author and filmmaker.

Seth Swirsky is a pop songwriter (Tell it to My Heart by Taylor Dayne and Love is a Beautiful Thing by Al Green are his most popular hits). He's created three bestselling books that consist of personal letters written to him from baseball players of yesteryear recalling their most vivid memories on and off the field. The books are called, "Baseball Letters" (Random House, 1996); "Every Pitcher Tells A Story" (Times Books, 1999) and "Something to Write Home About" (Crown Books, 2003). As a singer-songwriter, he won the Los Angeles Music Awards Best Pop Album of the Year in 2004 for his record , "Instant Pleasure". His second solo release, "Watercolor Day" won Best Album at the HMMA's (Hollywood Music and Movie Awards) in 2010. His 60s-influenced band, The Red Button charted in Billboard with their two albums, "She's About to Cross My Mind"(2007) and "As Far As Yesterday Goes" (2011). In 2012, his documentary, "Beatles Stories" Beatles Stories played in numerous film festivals around the world. The movie consists of interviews he conducted with a hand-held video camera of people who had a personal story about themselves and one or all of the Fab Four. In the movie are Sir Ben Kingsley, Graham Nash, Sir George Martin, Luci Baines Johnson, Brian Wilson Henry Winkler and many of The Beatles former girlfriends and confidantes. A Dartmouth College graduate living in Los Angeles, he recently received his Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University. Seth's work can be seen and heard at his site,