Shani Magosky

Chief Infusion Officer, Vitesse Consulting, LLC

Shani Magosky is an Executive Coach and owner of Vitesse Consulting, LLC, leading individual and corporate clients on Life-Work Infusion and other personal/professional effectiveness initiatives. Shani has worked in numerous industries, for venerable institutions and unknown startups, in a range of economic environments from bubble to recession, and in revenue-producing, advisory, and senior managerial roles. Previously, she worked in three divisions of Goldman, Sachs & Co, as General Manager of a local TV station in Vail, Colorado, and as COO/CFO of an all-virtual international marketing & public relations company. Ms. Magosky is a Co-Active trained coach through The Coaches Training Institute and enjoys rock climbing, practicing yoga, hiking, skiing, or riding her Harley in her free time.