Shanti Landon

Life & Wellness Coach, Blogger at Life Made Full

"Shanti Landon is an Aide to Placer County Supervisor Robert Weygandt, a certified life coach and the creator of the popular food + lifestyle blog, Life Made Full. She is mom to five kids and the author of two ebooks: 30 Days to a Life Made Full and 10 Minute Prep Freezer Meals. Shanti started her blog in 2012 after her husband, Chris, was diagnosed with celiac disease, and their family switched to a mostly Paleo diet. Shanti loves running, coffee, pretty much anything chocolate, and watching funny dog videos on Facebook. Oh, and she lets her dog get away with more than she allows her kids. You can catch up with her (and keep tabs on her freakin’ adorable Labradoodle puppy Huck) on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest as well as YouTube."