Sharlene Spingler

Writer, Artist, Photographer, discursive and non-discursive metaphysical guerrilla.

Sharlene Spingler has been sports casting the Zeightgeist with linear observations since the days of the Soho Weekly News. By day, she is the Associate Publisher of When she climbs into her bat suit, she is a writer and photographer, known to articulately strike, manifesting in hard copy and cyber publications. She then fades back into the obscurity of her hunting blind. She hails from a family that settled in Manhattan in the 17th century, leaving her with buildings, graves and fountains with her name, merely as photo ops. Her work has appeared in the Soho Weekly News, New York Observer, New York Post, New York Times, Vanity Fair, Spy Magazine, The Day, Eastern Connecticut's largest daily, Diplomatic World Bulletin, Wall Street Transcript, Pursuit- Journal of the Unexplained, San Francisco Review of Books and more. Beware, you may not feel it but she is watching and possibly writing about you and your tribe's unusual practices.

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