Sharon Blake

Author, Publisher, and Mentor

Sharon Blake is the CEO of Life Chronicles Publishing. Huffington Post Contributor, Amazon Best Selling Author of 4 books; Chronicles of Pain: Leaving the Pain of the Past Behind, 20 Beautiful Women Vol 2, The Thought Detox: Breaking Free from a Negative Thought Life, and I Am Beautiful: The Evolution of Beauty. Also, she has recently appeared on TBN's KTBW Seattle/Tacoma and OCN television network shows. Her education consists of an AA degree in Human Service Management, and she has studied Chemical Dependency through the State of Washington. Her personal experience and work with the homeless/addicted population have inspired her to share her story; this is where she recognized the importance of being transparent when helping others. Her goals for publishing and writing books are to help promote healing through the writing process. Sharon knows first-hand that writing promotes a healthy thought life. She has overcome some major barriers in her life, such as homelessness, addiction, and domestic violence. Her passion for starting her own publishing company flourished because she desires to participate in the healing process through the sharing of one's story.