Sharon Bush

CEO of Teddy Shares/Mother, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

Sharon Bush is a philanthropist and child advocate who has dedicated her life to helping impoverished families and children around the world. She is an avid environmentalist who has been overseeing business development for a company that has created an environmentally friendly, plant-based compound to help reduce environmental pollution. She has also served as a board member of many charitable organizations including prominent nonprofits like Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) and the UN Women for Peace Association (UNWFPA). Her humanitarian efforts have impacted families and children both domestically and internationally. As the director of Public relations and Fundraising at Cristo Rey, Sharon is responsible for the public relations and raising funds for the Brooklyn location. The Cristo Rey Network is a network of high schools in the country that provides an innovative approach to inner-city education. The school provides students from families with limited economic means with the knowledge, character and life skills that transform their lives. Sharon Bush is the CEO of Teddy Shares who has worked for nearly four decades to bring resources to underprivileged women, children and families around the world. Every teddy purchased through this organization would provide Plumpy’Nut supplement to malnourished children in Africa. Teddy Bear Shares partnered with FEED, Edesia and the Teddy Roosevelt Foundation in order to bring vital nutrients to malnourished children around the world. Outside of her humanitarian efforts, she also works on business development for Protein Matrix. Protein Matrix has created a plant-based compound that safely and effectively removes and breaks down grease, fat and oil buildup in wastewater treatment infrastructures. This degreasing product does not have any detrimental effect on waste water purification infrastructure hence making water cleaner by naturally breaking down fats, oils and grease. She is also the proud mother of three accomplished, philanthropic children: Lauren Bush Lauren, the founder of FEED in New York City; Ashley Bush, a filmmaker who tutors women at safe houses to help them earn their GED degrees; and Pierce Bush, CEO of the Texas chapter of the Big Brothers Big Sisters’ nonprofit. Her children witnessed her volunteering and creating nonprofits since they were very young and they were inspired to give back just like their mother. As a long time resident of New York, she loves spending time in the city working on community improvement efforts and volunteering to give back to a city she loves. Her children are of the utmost importance to Sharon and when she is not volunteering, she is spending time with her children and her grandchildren. Her work can be found at and her website