Shasta Nelson

Friendship Expert, CEO of (the women's friendship community) & Author of 2 books, including "Frientimacy"

Shasta Nelson is the author of "Frientimacy: How to Deepen Friendships for Lifelong Health and Happiness" and "Friendships Don’t Just Happen! The Guide to Creating a Meaningful Circle of GirlFriends;" the founder of, the women's community dedicated to introducing women to new friends and inspiring better friendships; and is an award-winning speaker on how to develop healthy relationships. Shasta Nelson has been interviewed on the subject of friendship by "The Today Show," on Katie Couric's show, the Chicago Tribune, the San Francisco Chronicle, Martha Stewart Radio, magazines such as Essence, Parents, More, Redbook and Glamour. She has appeared on numerous regional TV and radio shows. Her weekly blog, Shasta’s Friendship Blog, has a loyal following of women who appreciate her spirited and soulful voice. Her training includes a master's degree in spiritual growth and a bachelor's degree in communication, plus nearly two decades of experience in short-term counseling, coaching leaders and teams, and speaking at international motivational and teaching venues.