Shauna Hoffman

Author, World Traveler, Relationship Specialist, Speaker, Coach. Author of Guy Free Working On Me, Theme Cruise Producer

Shauna Hoffman is an Author, Relationship Specialist, Therapist, Speaker and Coach currently in private practice in Santa Clarita, CA. She is the author of the women's self awareness book, "Guy Free Working On Me". Her screenplay, "High Hopes", was a finalist in the Burbank International Children's Film Festival. Ms. Hoffman's nationally acclaimed website welcomes Me Club Members who are on their personal search for happiness. Shauna is a member of the prestigious International Coaching Council and a founding partner in Shauna also owned Miracle One Productions a company that produced videos on Marianne Williamson, the best selling author of "A Return To Love and A Woman's Worth". When not writing, speaking and helping women, she is a world traveller and owner of a Corporate Cruise Theme company. Then when she is really not working at things that just don't seem like work, she is saving dogs as a volunteer with Southland Collie Rescue and Wings of Rescue.