Shawn Hunter

President & Founder of | Speaker & Writer at

Shawn Hunter is currently Founder and President of Mindscaling, a company dedicated to creating beautiful, entrancing and intelligent elearning products.

Until July, 2015 Shawn was Executive Producer & Vice President for Leadership Solutions at Skillsoft. For over a decade Hunter has interviewed, collaborated with, and filmed, hundreds of leading business authors, executives, and business school faculty in an effort to assemble video learning solutions. He started this journey as an entrepreneur, and later expanded that business for Skillsoft. Hunter originally co-founded Targeted Learning Corporation with his father Hal Hunter, Ph.D., which was acquired by Skillsoft in February 2007.

Shawn is currently developing his second book on the changing nature of leadership in this volatile and deeply connected economy. This new style of Flipped Leadership that is creating the biggest innovations, attracting talent, and driving the greatest impact in the world, is possessed by those who have inverted the old school of leadership. These new leaders have shed the dogma of the past, and adopted a new, flipped, style of leadership that is generous of credit, inclusive of diversity, highly communicative, and driven by purpose.