Sheila Tendy

Former Counsel to the Department of Financial Services

Sheila Tendy is a lawyer in private practice in New York City who advises corporations, not for profits and financial institutions as outside general counsel. Ms. Tendy’s background in bank regulatory and corporate compliance, operational risk, independent investigations and anti-money laundering has allowed her to navigate clients through troubled waters to rebuild credibility and become operationally sound. She is a former counsel to the Department of Financial Services (formerly the New York State Banking Department), as well as a former prosecutor with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

Ms. Tendy worked with an international investigative consulting firm, where she headed its Banking and Financial Services Group. As a licensed stockbroker, Ms. Tendy worked with global financial institutions on Wall Street. Most recently, she was responsible for the Global Financial Services Sector Sales effort at Deutsche Bank.

The Tendy Law Office offers advice on subjects including interacting with regulators and financial institutions during investigations, operational risk programs, ant-money laundering and best practices programs for corporations, not for profit organizations and financial institutions.