Shelby Goodrich

Mother of two spending her days blogging, advocating for PCOS support, and helping others get their FIT together

Shelby is a mother of two living in the burbs of Atlanta who works as a Fitness Nutrition and Weight Loss specialist (NASM) and spends her free time trying to get over her break up with Carbs, ( I miss you, Pizza joe. Call me.) making it through the hours between coffee and wine, pretending to be cool on Instagram and Facebook, and fighting the good fight in her head between “ I wanna look good naked” and “ I eat cake in bed”. She blogs at and covers topics such as positive body image, PCOS, eating disorder recovery, and humor. Really, just a woman trying to get her sh*t together. You can find her on : Instagram as @PCOS_Support_Girl Blog: Facebook:

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October 16, 2017

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