Sheridan Kesselman

Psychotherapist, Author, Animal Lover, Mom.

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California with an M.A. in Psychology. Additionally, I have a B.A. in English, which informs my focus on clear, authentic and effective communication in relationships. I am also the author of a romance novel, Sizzle.

My therapeutic approach is based on a combination of techniques that are tailored to each individual. People need help with problems they are dealing with today, and sometimes need to resolve problems from their past that appear as current stressors, which are often aggravated by chronic problems or old issues.

My philosophy is that therapy is very much a shared process between therapist and client. Only by working together can success be achieved.

Some of the common issues I have worked with include:
– Various life stage transitions, including moving from student life to careers, single life to a committed relationship or marriage, married life through the divorce process, re-adapting after children leave the home, and second marriages.
– Seeking a more fulfilling sex life and solving sexual dysfunction.
– Depression, anxiety, loneliness and fear.
– Developed program utilizing nutrition and exercise as a means of coping with depression
– Dealing with an elder parent, illness, children with anger or self-esteem issues, and the loss of a loved one