Sheryl Kraft

I am an independent journalist, specializing in women's health, nutrition, fitness & beauty. My work has been published in lots of print & online publications, including AARP, Chicago Tribune, Family Circle, Weight Watchers, Woman's Day, Prevention, MORE, WebMD, Everyday Health, Lifescript, & many more.

Writing, interviewing and collaborating gives me that opportunity to quench my endless curiosity about everything around me; a chance to delve into subjects I’d always wondered about, like sleep deprivation and the benefits of Omega-3s or why some people are naturally happy while others think too damn much about how to be happy. And although I’m no longer in school, I feel like I learn something new, through my work, each and every day. I pursue my writing like I pursue my life: with passion, conviction, joy, patience and fortitude. And if I reach just one person through my words, and am able to make a difference in their life, I am satisfied. My portfolio covers a wide range of health, fitness, nutrition and wellness topics, written to inform, educate and empower women to take charge of their health. I’ve written about acupuncture, aging, beauty treatments and belly fat; breast cancer; diabetes, spa travel, sleep, superfoods, and so much more.