Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu

Lawyer, Women Rights campaigner and Founder of Women in Leadership publication - wife, mother, travel and food enthusiast.

Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu is a dual qualified New York and English law attorney with broad corporate and commercial international banking experience in the financial services industry. She is a Women Rights champ and founder of the Women in Leadership publication. More about her professional background at Now to more interesting details! I am a food enthusiast - eating not cooking! Love travelling and reading is my most favourite hobby. A jogger not a runner - an idealist and romantic. I believe very much in the value of education - from my first degree to doctorate degree (and all other degrees in between) I love the experience of learning. I'm passionate about faith, diversity, education, socio-legal values and motivating people to be visionary in achieving their goals. I have three beautiful daughters and as a working mother, I recognise the constant challenge of achieving a work-life balance. My husband deserves an award for his immeasurable patience and for being married to me! Most of all, I am a constant work in progress - balancing my imperfections with my strengths, learning to celebrate small wins and pushing hard to be the best version of me (very hard work!). I want to make a difference in our society and enjoy sharing stories of incredible women who have overcome the odds - pillars of the earth both celebrated and celebrated, known and unknown. I believe in the powerful impact of human stories and founded the Women in Leadership publication to foster and inspire personal leadership journeys of women.