Sidney Switzer


Sidney Switzer is college student born and raised in Western Pennsylvania.She is now attending Cornell University to pursue Communications. Growing up, Sidney trained 6 days a week for softball, and was chosen to represent the United States in Amsterdam’s World Cup. She has also been part of a returning panel at Out &Equal Workplace Summit where she speaks about being a child of LGBT parents. In 2013, at 15, she put together a panel of speakers, and they presented the first workshop ever produced by youth at the Out & Equal Summit in Minneapolis. In December of 2014, she went in front of her school board to create one of the first Gay Straight Alliances in a cyber school environment. As a student leader, she played a integral role in teaching and leading the club. She and her family are also part of of a documentary called "Families Like Us" that explains the intricacies of her life as a child of LGBT mothers. Now, she is 19 and attending her second year at Cornell University.