Sigrid Fry-Revere

TEDMED speaker, author, teacher, clinical ethicist, farmer, and mother of four. Currently CEO of the American Living Organ Donor Network.

Sigrid Fry-Revere, J.D., Ph.D., was a TEDMED 2014 speaker in Washington, D.C. at the Kennedy Center on how to solve the organ shortage (Sept. 2014) and featured on NPR's This American Life (Feb. 2016). Her most recent book is a creative non-fiction adventure titled The Kidney Sellers: A Journey of Discovery in Iran (2014). Other books include Defining Death: A New Legal Perspective co-authored with Thomas Reher and Matthew Ray (2014), Ethics & Answers in Home Health Care (1995), and The Accountability of Bioethics Committees and Consultants (1992). She is a co-founder of the American Living Organ Donor Network (aka Fund), the first U.S. charity (501(c)(3)) devoted exclusively to helping living donors of all kinds (kidney, bone marrow, liver, etc.) regardless of race, creed, or financial status. Sigrid is also the founder and president of the Center for Ethical Solutions and Stop Organ Trafficking Now!, both nonpartisan, non-profit, 501(c) public charities. The first is a think tank dedicated to educating the public on issues in patient-care ethics and sponsor of the eight-year-old SOS (Solving the Organ Shortage) research project. The second is a living organ donor advocacy group working to influence Congress to pass laws that help American living organ donors and, thereby help reduce America’s involvement in exploitative organ markets abroad. Sigrid is also the medical ethics consultant to the Washington D.C. Regional Transplant Community’s Organ and Tissue Advisory Committee. She has taught bioethics and law at the University of Virginia and George Mason University; been a consultant to hospitals, hospices, and home health agencies; and practiced health and FDA law. Sigrid’s more than a hundred articles have appeared in newspapers, journals, and trade publications such as The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, The Journal of Clinical Ethics, and Pediatric Nursing. Sigrid holds a Ph.D. in philosophy and a law degree, both from Georgetown University. She lives with her husband Bob Corn- Revere on a farm in Northern Virginia where they raised their four children.

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