Sivan Askayo

New York-based Travel photojournalist

Sivan Askayo, originally from Israel, is a New York-based photo-journalist specializing in travel photography. After working few years as a Media supervisor for General Motors, she has decided to follow her passions of Photography, Writing and Traveling, and combine them all together, creating and documenting portraits of a city or a place through her lens.

She traveled throughout Europe, North and South America, Alaska, China and East Asia, looking for the complex, aesthetic and layers of a place and its people.

She is currently involved with emerging artists groups both in NY and in Tel Aviv and is attending the International Center of Photography in New York, both as a student and as a teachers' assistant.

Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and her photographed articles were published in Travel, Life Style and Design Magazines in Israel.
To read more of her travel stories, please visit her travel blog.