Haley Snyder

Student enrolled in the dual BA/MA program at The New School in New York City. [She/Her]

As a student at Eugene Lang College of the Liberal Arts, Haley is working on both her Bachelors and Masters degrees through a dual-credit program offered at The New School. There she continues to develop her skills in media production, and analysis. She was born and raised in the Pacific North West, and attended school in one of Washington’s only conservative counties. While her family always expressed Republican beliefs, her political awakening occurred in high school when she joined her student debate team. There she truly began to think for herself. Ever since she has labeled herself an independent, so that she can develop her own beliefs without conforming to the ideas of a single political party. She earned her high school diploma and Associates of Arts simultaneously by taking classes at the local community college through Washington’s Running Start program. Now, at the age of 21, she is beginning her career as a graduate student, intersectional feminist, and sociopolitical activist.