Socheata Poeuv

Health tech watcher

Socheata Poeuv (so-CHEE-tah puv) is the founding CEO of goBlue Labs, a company that transforms evidence-based behavioral interventions into digital tools that make people healthier and reduces healthcare costs. She recently completed her MBA at the Yale School of Management as a Soros Fellow. Socheata is an Echoing Green fellow, an award given to the world's best ideas in social entrepreneurship.

Socheata and her family were refugees from the Cambodian genocide. She directed a documentary about the subject, New Year Baby, which aired nationally on PBS in 2008. She subsequently started an non-profit organization to document survivor testimonies which is now a part of Yale University's Genocide Studies Program. Socheata graduated cum laude with a B.A. in English literature from Smith College in 2002 and studied one year at Hertford College, Oxford.