I am an Artist and an Explorer always searching for the Truth ...

Soe Moe Lwin is a lifelong learner. Her insatiable curiosity pushes her to seek and learn about anything and everything in her present vicinity. Although a doctor and teacher by training, she is now a full-time homemaker. Being a busy mother, daughter and wife, with all the responsibilities this entails, limits the time allowed to engage in all her many hobbies such as reading, writing, traveling, photography, and having deep and meaningful conversations with people, especially children. She genuinely loves spending quiet and peaceful moments throughout the day in nature and the great outdoors. She also enjoys sports and games and sharing a hefty laugh with loving friends. Music, both listening as well as singing, relaxing soulful music, is another of her true loves, and a blissful experience always. Creating new things, finding links and connections in all that she sees, has truly been her favourite pastime. She now combines her two great loves, Mindfulness and Poetry, by regularly penning her thoughts online with friends and family. For Soe Moe Lwin, life is always an Adventure to Explore !!! https://www.instagram.com/soe_moe_lwin_/

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