Soldanela Rivera

Notes From A Native Daughter

Soldanela, also known as Sol, has been a professional dancer; actress; choreographer; television host, production coordinator; teaching artist, project captain; documentary researcher; tour manager; a music, theater, and film publicist; a music concert and theater producer; an adjunct lecturer; and a director of communications for a community college in the South Bronx. Sol is a creative worker and masters several trades in numerous fields. Her experience in the performing arts, production, and media and communications fields extends to both the profit and nonprofit sector. She's worked in community centers, educational institutions, historic concert halls, museums, parks, prisons, stadiums, sound stages, and large and small theaters; as well as with, emerging, established, and renowned figures. She is a host and producer of the podcast Notes From A Native Daughter (NFAND), a weekly series of raw conversations about arts, culture, and society in English, Spanish or Spanglish, with figures from the Pan-American experience. Her name, Soldanela, is the Spanish translation of edelweiss.