Sophie Meunier

Research Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson School and Co-director of the EU Program, Princeton University

Sophie Meunier is a Research Scholar in Public and International Affairs at the Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University, and the Co-Director of the EU Program at Princeton. She is the author of Trading Voices: The European Union in International Commercial Negotiations (Princeton University Press, 2005) and co-author of The French Challenge: Adapting to Globalization (Brookings Institution Press, 2001), winner of the 2002 France-Ameriques book award. She is also the editor of Europe and the Management of Globalization (with Wade Jacoby, Routledge, 2010) and Making History: European Integration and Institutional Change at Fifty (with Kathleen McNamara, Oxford University Press, 2007). Meunier has published many articles on the European Union, the politics of international trade, globalization, and French politics in journals such as International Organization, Foreign Affairs, and Foreign Policy. Her current research focuses on anti-Americanism, as well as on the complex links between Europeanization and globalization. She is currently writing a book manuscript on the politics of anti-Americanism. Sophie Meunier was elected to the Executive Committee of the Council for European Studies (2009-2013) and is Co-Chair of the 2010 Biennial Conference of the Council for European Studies. She has served on the Executive Committee of the European Union Studies Association (2003-2007) and is an elected term member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Meunier contributes frequently to the French media. Ph.D. MIT.