Spectra uses the power of storytelling and media to inspire ordinary people to harness empathy for social change.

Spectra is a Nigerian writer, speaker and media advocate, whose social commentary explores the intersection of gender, culture, migration and identity through the lens of of media and psychology.

She is the founder and executive editor at Queer Women of Color Media Wire (QWOC Media Wire), a media advocacy organization that amplifies the voices of sexual minorities in diaspora communities, and is the Community Engagement officer at Africans in the Diaspora (AiD), a foundation that facilitates principled philanthropy in Africa.

As a new media consultant, Spectra travels between the U.S. and Africa, coaching women-led social impact ventures in communications technologies and principles storytelling. She is currently editing a collection of poetry from LGBT Africans for an upcoming anthology and planning a wedding with her soulmate. Her mantra is “Love is my revolution.”

Visit her blog at, or follow her daily musings about love and politics on Twitter@spectraspeaks.