Stacey Gualandi

Television and Radio Host/Correspondent, The Women's Eye

National television/radio host and correspondent Stacey Gualandi has come a long way since her first big scoop right out of Miami University’s journalism program: picking up horse manure as a P.A. on the set of the film Eight Men Out. Not quite the journalistic scoop she was looking for, but it did lead to another “inside” job as Molly Ringwald’s stand-in on the film <em>Fresh Horses</em>. That’s when she decided to move to Hollywood to be a television reporter.<br /> <br /> Stacey is now the host of <em>The Women’s Eye Radio Show</em> on, and contributor to the online magazine <a href="" target="_hplink"></a>. Both provide an avenue for today’s newsmakers, authors, journalists, and entrepreneurs to discuss how they are making a difference in “the world as we see it!”<br /> <br /> She developed her gutsy style of reporting at <em>American Journal</em> and for eight years at <em>Inside Edition</em>. Stacey covered the world of entertainment, particularly celebrities at work, at play and in trouble. And, there was very little she wouldn't do for a story.<br /> <br /> Stacey stayed awake for 80 hours to test the effects of sleep deprivation; she painted the Hollywood sign; she changed light bulbs on the Oakland Bridge; she joined Cirque du Soleil; she went undercover as a polio survivor to expose a deceitful televangelist; she flew a plane after only 15 minutes of instruction; she attempted sheep riding; she joined an all-female chain gang, and she went behind-the-scenes at the Bunnyranch brothel long before Diane Sawyer.<br /> <br /> She hosted a ground-breaking multi-media project called <em>Understanding Cancer</em>. Both the website and pilot profiled numerous cancer survivors and advocates including Arnold Palmer, Mr. T, Laura Ingraham, and Hilary Swank, and served as a cancer-support network for survivors, caregivers, family, friends and those recently diagnosed.<br /> <br /> As the host of <em>On Tour</em> at Fox5/KVVU, Stacey covered the bands and personalities who performed in Las Vegas. She also hosted Hallmark Channel's web-based behind-the-scenes show <em>On Location</em>, and covered Hollywood as a producer/correspondent for <em>EXTRA</em> and <em>TV Guide Network</em>.<br /> <br /> Stacey earned a BS degree in Broadcast Journalism from Miami University. While attending college, she worked as an on-air radio broadcaster for the campus radio station WMUB and also spent a semester studying in Luxembourg. Stacey is also a certified yoga and spin instructor for YAS Fitness Centers in Los Angeles.<br /> <br /> She lives in Los Angeles and Las Vegas with her husband Marty and mutts Wally and Bobo.