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Stan Popovich is the author of the popular managing fear book, A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear. For more information about Stan and to get some free mental health advice, please visit Stan's website at Here is some information about Stan Popovich and why the news media likes Stan's mental health advice. Stan is very knowledgeable of today's mental health issues. Stanley has over twenty years of personal experience in dealing with fear and anxiety. Mr. Popovich can personally relate to others who struggle with fear and anxiety. Stan has been featured on TV, Radio, and many national publications. Mr. Popovich has a large fan base on the internet and social media. Stanley’s advice has help 1000’s of people manage their fear and anxiety. Stan has over 400 book reviews on Amazon. Many counselors use Stan’s book to help their clients. Stanley is very approachable, easy to work with, and meets all deadlines when working with the media. For more information please go to