Stan Stalnaker

Founder, Hub Culture and Ven Digital Currency

Stan Stalnaker is founder of the Hub Culture collaboration network and the Ven digital currency and is a noted commentator on the social impact of globalisation, P2P finance and virtual economies. As a culture columnist for and international, he wrote the 2002 book Hub Culture: The Next Wave of Urban Consumers, which soon became one of the world's first online social networks. In 2007 Hub Culture developed the Ven, the first virtual currency to be used for real world goods and services at Hub Culture Pavilions worldwide.

By 2010 Ven evolved into the world's first environmentally backed hedge currency, with a 100 percent reserve that includes carbon-linked natural assets and correlated stability in a basket of diversified currencies and commodities. In 2011 Ven became the first virtual currency used in commodity trades and is today one of the world's leading Internet currencies, especially in emerging areas of exchange efficiency, M2M and micro payments online.

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