Constance Stellas

Writer, astrologer, Comic Book author, Greek

Constance Stellas is an astrologer of Greek heritage with over 20 year’s experience. Constance primarily practices in New York City and counsels via phone and SKYPE a variety of clients including business CEO’s artists, and scholars. She has been a blogger for Huff Post for 2 years. Currently she is working on an original graphic novel: Tree of Keys. After completing a successful Kickstarter campaign, the first issue is currently available. The whole series in pre-development tells the tale of 12 orphans who become Astro Heroes…and save the world. Constance has been featured as the Resident Astrologer for the international magazine PRESTIGE. Additional publicity has appeared include The New York Times, Marie Claire and Working Woman. She has appeared on several New York TV morning shows, including Fox’s Money for Breakfast, and on many national radio programs. On Sirius/XM’s Starz national radio show, Broadminded, she advised clients on their stars for five years As the House Astrologer at Felissimo, Constance used her astrology expertise to advice clients on personal style, feng shui and gift giving. As a result of her experiences there, Constance wrote her second book The Astrology Gift Guide (Penguin Putnam 2002). The book is a unique gift buying guide which uses a profile of each astrological sign to suggest ideal gifts. Constance’s first book, The Hidden Power of Everyday Things (Simon and Schuster 2000) is a day-by-day guidebook that draws on numerology, astrology, and the Kabbala to pinpoint, according to birthday, exactly which materials and objects can fill your life with fortune and happiness. It has gone into a second printing and has been featured in the Illinois Star, The Star Ledger, and The New York Times. Advanced Astrology for Life, her third book, teaches astrological techniques to enhance daily life. . Filled with charts, chart analysis and little known techniques, Stellas includes detailed information and instruction on transits, karmic indicators, major life cycles and horary astrology as well as medical and feng shui astrology. Chris Lorenz, of Dell Horoscope, explains, “Constance Stellas is one of those rare astrologers who has maintained a common sense approach by building on the basics. ‘Advanced Astrology for Life’ reflects this approach and can lead anyone who is interested into the rarified atmosphere of excellence.” Her latest book, The Everything Sex Signs Book: Astrology Between the Sheets (Adams Media, January 2007) has sold over 25,000 copies and is now out in a second edition, as well as a French translation. This book helps answer the time-honored question of which signs are most compatible in relationships and especially between the sheets. She has taught 2 popular workshops based on this book at The Museum of Sex.

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