Starre Vartan

Ethical Travel and Science Writer, Author, 'The Eco Chick Guide to Life,'

Starre is the founder and editor of Eco Chick, and Eco Chick Escapes, sites written for hip, environmentally savvy young women about fashion and beauty, and ethical travel, respectively. She is also the Editor-at-Large for Coco Eco magazine; Correspondent-at-Large for Martha Stewart's Whole Living magazine; the lifestyle columnist at, and she contributes regularly to and at Metropolis magazine on consumer design topics.

Starre has been recognized as a changemaker and influencer; she not only writes prolifically, but she speaks and consults for Fortune 500 companies on sustainability and women's issues. Starre has been featured in Whole Living magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Shape, Glamour, the Christian Science Monitor, USA Today, Grist, Treehugger, and other national and international publications. She is regularly quoted in the New York Times.

Starre's book, The Eco Chick Guide to Life: How to Be Fabulously Green was published Fall, 2008 by St. Martin’s Press and was reviewed in the Style section of the NYTimes next to a biography of Sarah Palin, which is one of her life's great ironies.

Starre has been an environmental journalist for a decade. She began as a contributing writer for E/The Environmental Magazine, the nation’s oldest independent environmental publication, and was a dining columnist for The Fairfield County Weekly, where she also regularly wrote about commuting, transportation, and alternative energy. Starre was the style editor for Plenty Magazine, Green Guru columnist for Audubon Magazine, and was managing editor for

Starre grew up in the Hudson Valley of New York and Sydney, Australia; both environments instilled in her a deep love and appreciation for the natural world. She graduated from Syracuse University with a BS in Geology, a minor in Biology and a BA in English. She has recently completed her coursework for her MFA in creative nonfiction writing from Columbia University. She lives and writes from her home on the Connecticut shore and from the java joints of Manhattan and Brooklyn.