Stavros Papageorghiou

Filmmaker, 'Aphrodite Revealed' and 'Entelechy'

Stavros Papageorghiou is an established documentary producer/director in Cyprus. He began his career in 1986, after graduating from the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA, with a BFA degree in Cinema. Returning to Cyprus, Stavros spent four years working in the field of video and television production, mostly as a documentary director/lighting cameraman. In 1990, he joined LOGOS TV -– the first private television station established in Cyprus -- as a factual programme TV director/producer for four years. In November 1994, Stavros established his own independent production company: TETRAKTYS films ( The company became for Stavros the launching pad for producing high-quality audiovisual projects to promote culture and facts of Cyprus with audience engagement on an international level, using cross-media platforms.

As an independent producer, Stavros Papageorghiou is also very much interested in international co-productions. During his professional career, Stavros has attended seminars and participated in professional workshops, most of them organised with the support of the MEDIA programme, such as MEDIA BUSINESS SCHOOL, EAVE, EURODOC and POWER TO THE PIXEL LAB. Through this continuing experience, Stavros has established many useful contacts with producers and other professionals from many European countries and North America.

In October 2011, Stavros established PSeFiON DISTRIBUTION SERVICES (, the distribution branch of TETRAKTYS films in order to sell Cypriot and international documentary films in the form of DVD, to individuals and educational organizations and institutions worldwide.

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