Stefanie Finkelstein

Executive Coach, Introvert Strategist.

Stefanie Finkelstein is an executive coach, strategist, and passionate advocate for introverted leaders. She authors a weekly e-newsletter and has created to inspire, educate, and support women who identify as quiet leaders in business and life. Stefanie has her Bachelor’s degree in Business and Hospitality Management from Washington State University. She is a Master Coach and a certified Myers-Briggs (MBTI) Facilitator working one on one with leaders to understand and leverage their strengths. As a values based, principle centered introvert leader herself, Stefanie recognizes the importance of knowing and utilizing your natural strengths to make a difference while staying true to your authentic self. Stefanie has held leadership roles in many corporate settings giving her the unique perspective as an insider across industries. Stefanie lives on the Pacific coast of the United States with her husband and daughter in Seattle, Washington.