Stefanie Michaels

Stefanie Michaels is a travel/lifestyle expert for the media

Stefanie Michaels Adventure Girl® has carved a unique niche in the world of travel and entertainment. She is the founder of, a lifestyle site that has been utilized by millions looking for tips tapping into the chicest and unique destinations around the globe, health and fitness, tech tips and more. Michaels’ own life adventures span from ZERO Gravity (with astronaut Buzz Aldrin), an airplane ride that lets passengers experience zero gravity, swimming with sharks in the waters of Oceana to “spa-ing it” in Rangiroa. What a life!

Michaels sits as a top Twitter personality with more than 1.4 Million followers (@adventuregirl).
Vanity Fair Magazine dubbed Stefanie America’s Tweetheart in a recent feature, and her TIME Magazine feature on “Adventure Girl”- Love Me, Love My Brand, as well as celebrity appearances on almost every network in the US, Rachael Ray, Al Roker’s Show, and is a regular travel personality on Access Hollywood Live.