Stefanie Penn Spear

Founder and CEO of EcoWatch

Stefanie Spear is founder and CEO of EcoWatch. EcoWatch is a leading environmental website reporting on environmental news, green living and sustainable business. We educate and motivate people to protect human health and the environment through our NewsLivingBusiness, University and Insights verticals, and online store of thousands of green products.

Stefanie has been publishing environmental news for more than 24 years. She is dedicated to publishing cutting-edge news that educates and motivates readers to become engaged in their community, adopt sustainable practices and support strong environmental policy to protect human health and the environment.

Stefanie is president of Expedite Renewable Energy, a consultancy business that helps companies invest in solar and wind projects. She works to expedite renewable energy policy on the local, state and federal level.

Stefanie chairs the Renewable Energy Committee for Sustainable Cleveland 2019 and is on the advisory board for Lake Erie Waterkeeper and GreenCityBlueLake Institute.