Steffen Baldwin

Humane Society Director/Humane Agent, Army Veteran, dog rehabilitator and pit bull advocate. #dontbullymybreed

Steffen is the Chief Humane Agent in Union County, Ohio and the Founder and President/CEO of the Animal Cruelty Task Force of Ohio (ACT Ohio), a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting rural and underserved Ohio County Humane Societies with animal cruelty investigation support services as well as rehabilitating and housing animals rescued from cruelty and neglect situations.

Steffen is also the Co-Founder of the Ohioans Against Breed Discrimination, a Political Action Committee dedicated to fighting Breed Discriminatory Legislation and making Ohio the 20th State to ban breed discrimination statewide.

An Army veteran (82nd Airborne) and a devoted father, Steffen resides in Marysville, Ohio with his four rescued pit bulls, two rescued Dobermans and a house full of foster dogs.