Stephanie Stiavetti

Steph @ Fearless🔥Fresh: Badass cooking teacher & cookbook author. Digital cooking classes + support. I’ll turn you into a culinary rockstar!

Stephanie Stiavetti is the personal chef and kitchen coach behind Fearless🔥Fresh, an online cooking school that teaches you to become a total kitchen ninja. She teaches you a lot more than just cooking - you’ll learn how to create beautiful, delicious dishes you can be proud of. At Fearless Fresh you’ll find everything you need to become a culinary badass: cooking tutorials, ingredient education, help with plating and table-scape design, and clearly-written recipes crafted for perfect success in the kitchen. This is food you’ll feel proud serving to your friends, because it's a reflection of your personal style. 🍋🍔🍰 Get access to the 1-Kitchen Ninja Resource Vault, full FREE guides and lessons to turn you into a home chef. In addition to her website and the Huffington Post, Stephanie’s work has appeared in New York Magazine, NPR, Saveur, Serious Eats, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Readers Digest, and The Smithsonian.