Stephanie Heckman (Simpson)

Philosopher, Philanthropist, Humanitarian

I have dedicated my career to global philanthropy. I am currently the West Coast Director at Epic Foundation. Prior to taking this position, I was the director of One World Children's Fund for 6 years. During my tenure there, I was responsible for leading efforts to raise more than $8 million in funds for inspiring grassroots leaders around the world. Today, I continue to focus my work around diversifying the global philanthropic sector and aligning philanthropic goals with individual and societal well being. How can we create a more effective philanthropic environment? Can we ground values, policy, and funding in valid theories of well being? Can technology be a force for good? I believe philosophy can help us answer these questions and guide us on how to live well together and increase individual well being for those who need it most. Masters in International Politics and a Masters (with honours) Philosophy & Psychology from the University of Edinburgh. Currently pursuing post graduate Research with the Philosophy Department at the University of Edinburgh.