Stephanie Michele

Relational Detective and Transformer, Attraction to Retention Specialist

Stephanie Michele is a Certified Behavioral Analyst, Consumer Retention Specialist, Certified N.L.P. Practitioner and Founder of “No Text or Next.” Stephanie promotes improving relationship skills as a means for an advanced quality of life. She speaks on the importance of practicing communication exercises in the juxtaposition of mainstream “device, media and app addicted” society and promotes the value of maintaining long term relationships. She uses creative and sometimes provocative methods to increase integrity, sincerity, transparency and trust building on both individual and cultural levels. In 2009, Stephanie started her company, SocialBling to provide clients with data driven marketing services that embody her relational principles. Stephanie lives Los Angeles, CA with her beloved dog, Mr. Deeds. Upcoming projects include: A conversational fashion boot line. You can also see Stephanie on her show “Relatable.” More about Stephanie's Work.