Stephanie Roth

Fertility coach, yoga-loving wellness junkie, and over-40 first-time mama.

Stephanie Roth can help you create the family of your dreams and a life you love. A certified fertility and integrative nutrition health coach, Stephanie founded to help those who are trying to conceive to prepare physically, mentally and spiritually for motherhood. She offers individual and group fertility coaching programs to help you not just cope - but thrive - on the fertility roller coaster. Stephanie overcame a diagnosis of Diminished Ovarian Reserve at age 42 to conceive her first baby, after just a year of trying and with no major medical intervention. She steadfastly believes in the power of healthy living and intention setting to help us achieve our dreams. Sign up for Stephanie's newsletter at, and follow her blogs at Your Fertile Self and B Method, which she writes for Conceive Gynaecology and Fertility Hospital in Dubai, UAE.