Stephen Barrie, ND

Author, medical researcher, entrepreneur, Chief Science Office: Lawke Health, Beijing China

Dr. Barrie was in clinical practice during the mid 1980’s at the Great Smokies Medical Center, specializing in integrative medicine and clinical ecology. He was the founder and former CEO/Chairman of Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory (now Genova Diagnostics), an international clinical reference laboratory for physicians, which he started in 1986 to advance natural medicine and the scientific research of integrative medicine around the world. Dr. Barrie developed many of the present day laboratory tests used for understanding the root causes of many chronic diseases. Dr. Barrie is considered an expert in the field of personalized medicine –- identifying an individual’s susceptibility to disease; how a person will respond to a particular treatment; and what is the best treatment.

He has been a pioneer in promoting the concepts of preventive medicine and early intervention as the most rational and cost effective health care model, and has been a speaker in numerous worldwide forums presenting the scientific basis for Functional Medicine and sharing new ways to uncover the causes of common diseases. Dr. Barrie is also a NY Times and LA Times bestselling author of several health books including “7 Day Detox Miracle”, “Energize Your Life” and numerous scientific articles, which have appeared in major medical journals including The Lancet, Agents and Actions and Medical Hypothesis.

Dr. Barrie also pioneered the concept of “home” and “direct to consumer” laboratory testing and developed the first commercially viable SNP Genomic testing profiles for common diseases; was co-founder of iNutritionals, the country’s leading developer and provider of supplements and tools for brain health.

Dr. Barrie is currently the Chief Science Office of the Lawke Health Group in Beijing, China

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