Stephen Elliott

Editor of The Rumpus

<a href="">Stephen Elliott</a> is the editor of <a href="">The</a>. He is the author of seven books including his forthcoming true-crime memoir, The Adderall Diaries. His novel <a href="">Happy Baby</a> was a finalist for the New York Public Library's Young Lion Award as well as a best book of 2004 in <a href=""></a>, Newsday, Chicago New City, the Journal News, and the Village Voice. In addition to writing fiction he frequently writes on politics. In 2004 he wrote <a href="">Looking Forward To It</a>, about the quest for the Democratic Presidential nomination.<br /> <br /> Elliott's writing has been featured in <i>Esquire, The New York Times, GQ, Best American Non-Required Reading 2005 </i>and <i>2007, Best American Erotica, </i>and<i> Best Sex Writing 2006</i>. He was a Wallace Stegner Fellow at Stanford University and is a member of the <a href="">San Francisco Writer's Grotto</a>. He is also the founder of <a href="">The Progressive Reading Series</a> which helps authors raise money and participate on behalf of progressive candidates and causes across the country.