Steve Garcia

Philanthropic Activist, Army Veteran, Painter, Restaurateur

Hi my name is Steve (Estefan) Garcia. I consider myself an Independent with progressive and conservative inclinations.

I’m a former US Army Servicemember. The experience I obtained while in the Service is unparalleled- lots of hours, lots of works, little money, but a wonderful learning and formative experience.

My intense involvement in politics began in 2006 when I began working with for Congresswoman Lynn Schenk (FMR). During that time we were involved in various California campaigns, including Jerry Brown's and John Garamendi's.

In early 2007, we began working on behalf of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. I then moved back to Puerto Rico later that year to continue my support of the campaign.

I have worked for several Federal agencies, the military, and the private sector. I have my own business, Artwork’s Originals, LLC, which concentrates in promoting philanthropic activism through art (usually my own art).

My greatest passion is for painting. I exhibit my art under the pseudonym Estefan Gargost. I’ve been painting since I was a toddler. I enjoy philanthropic work, reading, writing essays and poetry, cooking/baking, sharing a good bottle of wine with friends, and going to the beach.

Currently, I live with my partner Thierry, between San Juan, PR and Washington, DC.

Follow my current philanthropic and political activities on his website: