Steve Kettmann

Publisher, Wellstone Books, Co-director, Wellstone Center in the Redwoods writers' retreat

Steve Kettmann is the co-founder, along with Sarah Ringler, of the <a href="" target="_hplink">Wellstone Center in the Redwoods</a>, a writers' retreat center in California that offers weeklong residencies and fellowships and also publishes books through its Wellstone Books imprint. Kettmann, the author or co-author of bestsellers on both sports and politics, has reported from more than forty countries for publications including <a href="" target="_hplink"></a>, the <em><a href=";term=Steve+Kettmann&amp;dmode=range&amp;period=30d&amp;smode=and&amp;scope=term&amp;miny=1995&amp;maxy=2008&amp;minm=01&amp;maxm=12&amp;mind=01&amp;maxd=31&amp;Submit=S">San Francisco Chronicle</a></em>, <a href=";scp=9&amp;sq=kettmann&amp;st=nyt">The <em>New York Times</em></a>, the <em>New Republic</em>, <em>Washington Monthly</em>, <a href=""></a>, <a href=""> </a>and <a href=""></a>, and was a finalist for the <a href="">2001 Online Journalism Award in commentary</a>.<br /> A former staff reporter for <em>New York Newsday</em></a> and the <em>San Francisco Chronicle</em></a>, he moved to Berlin in 1999 as an Arthur F. Burns Fellow, serving from 1999 to 2003 as Berlin Correspondent for <a href=";orderby=latest&amp;topic=&amp;dups=&amp;siteAlias=noblog">Wired News</a>.