Steve Poses

Steve Poses is author of At Home: A Caterer's Guide to Cooking and Entertaining

Steve Poses is a Philadelphia-based caterer and the author of At Home: A Caterer’s Gude to Cooking & Entertaining. The book, coupled with a companion website, applies his extensive experience to making parties at home easier, more stylish and much less stressful for readers.

In the 1970s, inspired by the writings of urban studies maven Jane Jacobs, Steve began his culinary career by opening his first restaurant Frog. A groundbreaking concept, Frog served eclectic, casual fare with bold global flavors and fostered a community of eager diners, enlivening the city and setting the stage for its vibrant dining scene today. The Commissary, a cafeteria that served everything from caviar to carrot cake, followed, as did several other original restaurants in the 1980s.

In 1976, Steve started Frog Commissary Catering, which he continues to own and operate today. The Frog Commissary Cookbook, published in 1985, captured the spirit of his early restaurants and has gone on to sell more than 150,000 copies. At Home: A Caterer’s Guide to Cooking & Entertaining was released in September 2009 and is available exclusively online. For more information, see