Dr. Steve Rosenberg

Podiatrist, CEO / President Instant Arches Foot Products Inc. Instant Arches for Sandals & Fashion Footwear

In private practice serving West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and the Santa Monica Dr. Steven Rosenberg community for over 33 years. I treat infants, children and adults spending as much time as needed to solve their foot problems. I was also a L.A. Marathon Race Doctor for 18 years and have lectured throughout the United States on Homeopathic treatments to solve soft tissue foot and ankle problems.

I blend many therapeutic treatment modalities such as injection therapy, physical therapy using electrical current therapy and lasers as well as incorporating homeopathic medical treatment solutions to treat many of my patient’s foot, ankle and joint problems. Having a special interest in the lower extremity, I use biomechanics to diagnosis and treat all foot, ankle and leg related problems that patients have when they come to the office.

I’m also the CEO / President of Instant Arches Foot Products Inc. We manufacturer Dr. Rosenberg’s Instant Arches® for fashion footwear and sandals. We are the only company that specializes in arch specific arch supports for women’s dress, fashion; sandals flip flops and casual footwear for preteens, teenagers and adults. We also manufacturer a sports specific arch support for kids and adults who play softball, baseball, soccer, football, tennis or run. Instant Arches® for all sports will create better balance in your (Lower Half) hips, legs and feet and enhance their performance outcome.