Steve Ross and Olivia Rosewood


Steve Ross is the host of the wildly popular yoga show, "Inhale", on Oprah Winfrey's Oxygen Network. Steve was named "Guru of Los Angeles" by Vanity Fair Magazine and is known as "Guru to the Stars". He has practiced various styles of yoga for his entire adult life and has been an instructor for over twenty years. He has extensively explored the physical aspects of yoga as well as the philosophical and spiritual roots of yoga. He spent four years as a monk in the Vedic tradition, and since that time, he has ceaselessly sought out and reveled in the presence of some of the most notable masters of our time - in India and elsewhere. He is honored to have the opportunity to share his knowledge and experience. Steve combines modern music including rock and roll, hip hop and world music, with a relaxed, easy spirituality that make his classes at his studio, Maha Yoga, some of the most popular in Los Angeles. He is also well known for his chanting and his book, Happy Yoga.

Olivia Rosewood was the writer for HarperCollins' Happy Yoga by Steve Ross. She creates spiritually inspired books, screenplays, and children's books. She has consulted on several best selling self-help books. She is a practicing yogini, meditator, and mom.

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