Steve Tupper

Commercial pilot, tech/aviation lawyer, and publisher of the Airspeed podcast (

Steve Tupper is a commercial pilot and a technology and aviation lawyer. As a pilot, he flies for an airshow team and in aerobatic competitions, and he serves as a lieutenant colonel and search-and-rescue pilot for the Civil Air Patrol (the US Air Force auxiliary). As a tech lawyer, he’s often in the middle of deals to develop, commercialize, buy, sell, license, and use technology of all kinds. He also deals with electronic and other privacy law, especially international data transfer law.

He has covered aviation and aerospace and the associated technology on his podcast, Airspeed (, since 2006, amassing more than 200 episodes featuring everything from flying in fighter aircraft with the US Air Force and other military aviation topics to what it’s like to become an airshow pilot to how NASA deals with airsickness in space. He promotes involvement in general aviation, especially giving first-flight experiences to kids and encouraging youth and adults to start and complete flight training.

He lives in the Detroit suburbs with his family. His views are his own and they are not necessarily those of the Civil Air Patrol, his law firm, or any other person or organization.

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